Abomination: Terror Rising

The Hunt...

...From here the party began the trek back to civilization. Along the way they were surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Luckily they were aided by a Druid who joined their group.

They then returned to the town of Pinegrove where they spent time studying the Necromancer’s Journal, Boxing, gathering information, shopping, and resting.

They then headed toward East Lake. Along the road they were jumped by two tainted-assassin and a few mummy-chimera who were defeated after a struggle. One of the mummy-chimera’s arms was grafted onto charlie who gained a second, slashing attack to complement his piercing claw.

Finally they arrived at the dock near East Lake but found all the people around had been murdered. Cautiously the Rogue entered the boat house only to be sneak attacked. They then battle a powerful tainted-assassin who brings the Cleric within an inch of his life. Finally they are able to defeat him but he makes use of a scroll to create tainted-menaces from the slain sailors. After forming a ring around the downed Cleric the party managed to destroy the menaces and climbed into the boat where they found a scroll of underwater breathing.



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