Animal-Chimera: A combination of two or more low-intelligence creatures. They sometimes have a few human parts. They are physically powerful though lack tactical ability. They are considered undead.

Mummy-Chimera: A combination of a specially prepared humanoid corpse and another being. These creatures tend to be less physically able then their beast-based counterparts though are capable of understanding more complex concepts and can communicate psychically. They are also considered undead. Significant Mummy-Chimera: Charlie


Tainted-Necromancer: One who experiments in creating tainted undead. They often fill themselves with a magical parasite that turns their bodies into a Tainted Menace upon death. Other than that they are normal spell casters though their minds are often severely warped by their art.

Tainted-Menace: A Tainted-Practitioner usually plays host to a curse which posses his lifeless body at the moment of death. This curse will turn him into a Tainted Menace. Tainted-Menaces are undead.

Tainted-Acolyte: An experienced necromancer who has begun the long and painful process of turning himself into a sort of “living zombie”. They are often missing limbs as they are only in the first stages of body modification. They are often powerful spellcasters and gain physical prowess as they become more attuned to the tainted powers they wield.


Abomination: Terror Rising Dabeast