Abomination: Terror Rising

The Hunt...

...From here the party began the trek back to civilization. Along the way they were surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Luckily they were aided by a Druid who joined their group.

They then returned to the town of Pinegrove where they spent time studying the Necromancer’s Journal, Boxing, gathering information, shopping, and resting.

They then headed toward East Lake. Along the road they were jumped by two tainted-assassin and a few mummy-chimera who were defeated after a struggle. One of the mummy-chimera’s arms was grafted onto charlie who gained a second, slashing attack to complement his piercing claw.

Finally they arrived at the dock near East Lake but found all the people around had been murdered. Cautiously the Rogue entered the boat house only to be sneak attacked. They then battle a powerful tainted-assassin who brings the Cleric within an inch of his life. Finally they are able to defeat him but he makes use of a scroll to create tainted-menaces from the slain sailors. After forming a ring around the downed Cleric the party managed to destroy the menaces and climbed into the boat where they found a scroll of underwater breathing.

Into the Darkness...
The Terror Begins

 The party finds themselves in a room with a single door leading deeper into a mysterious complex (The Swamp Hideout). The group decided to search the room and turned up a small diamond, a ruby, and 32 Gold.

 They then moved on to the next room where they found a split, one way lead to a cave-in while the other lead to a darker room. The darker room was guarded by a locked door which the Rogue easily picked.

 The darker room contained a pit with a human zombie on the other side, chained to a wall. The zombie broke its fetters and attacked the party, being quickly dealt with.

  After killing the zombie they find a ladder leading down to BF2 of the Swamp Hideout. BF2 >contained a sewer-like structure which contained a weak animal-chimera. The chimera was also dealt with but the party was alerted to the presence of another, more powerful animal-chimera ahead. They also killed this abomination.

At the end of the sewer-complex the party discovered a laboratory. Inside they found a tainted-necromancer. They killed the necromancer by using the Rogue’s sneak attack and a coupe de gras. This did not end the horror though as the necromancer quickly rose as a tainted-menace. The menace was also dispatched though with great difficulty due to a streak of extreme misfortune.

 After the death blow the party searched the lab to find several spellbooks, a dagger, and a Diary. The Wizard used his magic to read the spellbooks and found they contained several necromantic spells. They also examined a vat containing an experimental animal-chimera. They pulled a lever which drained the ichor holding it dormant, it quickly destroyed the glass holding it but was crushed by the arcane machinery holding it.

 The party removed the machinery and found several strange gems which they found a match for along with a rod that holds them on a nearby table. The Wizard deduced these rods and gems could be used on the components on the same table. Due to an outstanding success the Wizard a creature of absolute obediance was created. This mummy-chimera was named Charlie.

 The party decided to camp in that lab for a night so they could regain spells. During the night they were attacked by another animal-chimera.

 From here they found themselves at the edge of a bridge leading over an underground chasm. They were able to cross the bridge with incident as it collapsed quickly.

 The next room contained barracks with tainted-necromaners. The Rogue dispatched all of them as they slept. Next they passed through a trap door which lead them up into a cabin. Here they found a tainted-acolyte waiting. The acolyte commenced battle. The fight was pitched and the Fighter bull rushed the acolyte into the fireplace, igniting the entire cabin.

 The Rogue was badly injured when his attempt to hide was thwarted by the supernatural senses of the acolyte. Luckily the Cleric saved him.

 In order to protect the party the Cleric cast Sanctuary so they could escape the burning cabin in hopes of traping him inside to die. The acolyte turned the tables though by trapping them both in the building with a Hold spell. The Cleric then escaped through the trap door and held it with his entire body weight.

 With the Cleric seperated from the party the acolyte turned his attention to outside, he obliterated the door and re-commenced battle. Inside the Cleric was forced to fend off minor chimera-spawnlings while awaiting assistance.

 The Fighter was able to deal several powerful blows and hold the acolyte in the door way until the entire building collapsed on it. From here they were able to dig the Cleric out and head back toward civilization…


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